Combining technologies

Well, lohas is a team of food scientists from Singapore who is making plant-based seafood and dairy ingredients and products that are as good as their counterparts.

We use a combination of  technologies that makes up our food tech-stack, to enable texture, taste and nutrition in our food development.


We believe...

in creating both delicious and nutritious alternative plant-based seafood and dairy

Every product has all 3: good taste, texture and nutrition. 

But how do we ensure we have those in our plant-based version?

We do it through minimal and effective post modifications , processing and thoughtful formulation. Seems simple, but it isn’t, and that’s where we come in. 

We translate the technology from Eatobe and commercialize the solutions with our joint venture partner F.I.S.H.


we want the plant-based industry to grow and thrive

We want the plant-based industry to continue growing and thriving by designing and delivering variety of plant-based products with enjoyable taste and texture for consumers.